Doe B’s Mother Forgives His Killer: “It Was A Big Weight Off My Shoulders”

Justice has been served in the untimely death of emerging artist Doe B.

Darius Thomas, one of the three men involved in the 2013 shooting, was sentenced to 85 years in prison Wednesday (Jan. 10), USA Today affiliate The Montgomery Advisor reports. The 29-year-old took a plea deal in December related to the murders of pleading guilty to the murders of Kimberle Johnson, Timnarius Hamilton and Glenn “Doe B” Thomas. The shooting happened at a local bar and lounge in Alabama. Thomas admitted to the crime in court and said the incident started after he was hit with a bottle.

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Doe B was a member of T.I.’s Grand Hustle collective and a favorite among rap critics. His projects Trap Life  and Baby Jesus were widely adored.

Thomas apologized to the parents of the victims, including Doe B’s mother Shirley Thomas. Speaking to reporters, Thomas said she has forgiven her son’s killer. “It’s been a long battle losing our children. I forgave Darius and I want justice to be served,” she said. “It was a big weight off of my shoulders and me being able to forgive him.”

Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey convinced the father of five to take the plea deal after initially facing life without parole. Regardless, Bailey doesn’t believe Thomas’ case will ever be appealed. “I don’t expect him to ever get out,” he said. “Not with three murders. I expect he’ll die in prison.”

Jason McWilliams and Taboris Mock, two other men on trial for the murders, are currently awaiting trial. Both are out on bond.

Before he was taken away, Thomas gave a word of advice to the younger jurors. “Get a real job, find Jesus, and take life seriously,” he said. “Be a man, mind your responsibilities and find God in your life. It took me coming here to find God.”

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