NO1-NOAH Uses New Single “Facetime For 30″ To Tell The Dark Beauty Of Lust

New Releases

NO1-NOAH continues to mystify R&B with the release of his latest track “Facetime For 30.” This follows up to his popular single, “Stuck on Stupid,” which raked in more than 1 million plays on Soundcloud and was featured on his independently released project, Feelings in Color.

On “Facetime For 30,” the purposefully shrouded artist uses his signature auto-tuned vocals to lace a dark but entrancing instrumental with lyrics like: “I know that you got some b***hes hating on you, sh*t/ I know that there’s some n***as that be wanting my b***h,” to detail the lust and jealousy that coincides love. NO1 enforces the flurry of emotions by following a short break in the beat a verse that tells a descriptive scene of lust’s actions.

The direction of “Facetime For 30” seems to fit perfectly in the theme created by “Stuck on Stupid,” and Feelings in Color, giving fans the feeling that another project might soon emerge out of the shadows that shield N01-NOAH.