OJ Simpson Wants The Goldman Family To Stop “Dragging” Him To Court Over Unpaid Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Goldman family hasn’t stopped looking for justice when it comes to their son Ron Goldman. Court documents have revealed the family has continued to go after OJ Simpson’s pockets in light of the liable case Simpson lost after his acquittal for the deaths of their son and Nicole Brown Simpson.

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Obtained by The Daily Mail, Fred Goldman has taken several opportunities to face Simpson in court, the earliest being Jan. 17. In 1997, Simpson was found guilty in a wrongful death suit and was told to pay up to $33.5 million in damages to the families. Due to interest, the balance has risen to to $71 million.

Simpson’s lawyers have argued that the 70-year-old doesn’t have the funds and claims the Goldman family is preventing him from making any money outside of his NFL pension and social security. The also claim Goldman drags Simpson to court every time a rumor is spread about a possible media opportunity for the former athlete.

He also shared with the court that Goldman has “shattered” his attempts to “readjust to civilian life and family life.” Simpson currently resides in Las Vegas.

The Goldman’s are more than certain Simpson will use his likeliness to make money they feel is owed to them. “Our prior experience with Mr Simpson over many years indicates the contrary, that in fact he or his advisors, agents, attorneys, family members, or surrogates, are ‘shopping’ one or more entertainment, documentary, reality TV, or interview vehicles at this time,” the documents read. “Such an asset would be subject to enforcement, which would include any revenues arising therefrom or any asset constituting a business opportunity or the like.”

The Goldman’s have another court date set up for July, but would like it to be moved up so Simpson doesn’t have the chance to make any business deals. Simpson’s lawyers did admit that the former athlete took part in a memorabilia signing, only to pay off debts to a lawyer with the profits.

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