Oprah Gracefully Clapped Back At Someone Who Assumed She Didn’t Have Time

Oprah Winfrey is a lot of things: successful, smart, kind, funny and obviously a great speaker, but what Ms. Winfrey is not is someone who will tolerate disrespect.

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The 2018 Cecile B. DeMille recipient took to Instagram to promote her support of the #TimesUp movement  on CBS the day before the mudslides devastated her home.  An Instagram user used this as an opportunity to post a snide remark under the philanthropists photo, probably with the belief the 63-year-old wouldn’t respond. But oh! Ms. Winfrey had time.


“Then why are you hear on this feed,” Winfrey questioned.”Life is too short to follow and engage with people you don’t like. Peace out.”

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Now a clap back from Oprah might seem like an accomplishment, but if you really went out of your way to merit a negative reaction from a woman who built schools in Africa then maybe you failed at life.

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