Payroll Giovani And Cardo Got Wings Set To Make Their Return On ‘Big Bossin Vol. 2′


The persistence of Payroll Giovani’s grind seems to be paying off as the Detroit staple gears up for his Big Bossin Vol. 2 mixtape which is slated for release on Friday (Jan. 26).

On his “Big Bossin” series Payroll joined forces with producer Cardo Got Wings for a collection of hazy, but heavy tracks detailing everything from shining in the summer to his previous capers. While fans are looking forward to seeing the steps Payroll has taken artistically, the tape comes at an interesting time in the rapper’s career.

In the time between Big Bossin Vol. 1 and 2, Payroll has gained a lot of traction outside of his hometown and was featured on his former label head Young Jeezy’s new album. Yet, despite this success, Payroll also experienced the death of his friend and fellow Doughboyz Cashout member, Doughboy Roc. Because of this, there is an added anticipation for the subject matter of this installment of the “Big Bossin” saga. 

Will it be as carefree as the previous tape or carry the added weight that one can assume is on the heart of Payroll Giovani?

The project is available for pre-order here.