Quincy Jones Says He Has 22 Girlfriends…And They All Know About Each Other

Legendary music producer Quincy Jones holds nothing back in a new interview with GQ. The 84-year-old EGOT recipient discussed various stories involving numerous celebrities throughout his lifetime, including Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Ray Charles and Oprah Winfrey.

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Additionally during his lengthy conversation, he discusses the fact that he has not one, not two, but 22 different girlfriends throughout the world.

“I’m not,” he says after being asked if he is currently married. “I got 22 girlfriends…Hell yeah. Everywhere.” The girlfriends hail from countries such as Africa, Egypt, Sweden and China.

The Thriller producer also notes that all of his lady loves know about each other. Jones says that the girls’ age parameters were set by his daughters, who didn’t want their dad going out with anyone younger than them. He says that the range is from 28 to 42 years old.

And why won’t Jones date another woman in her 70s or 80s? He says it’s because there is “no upside.”

“‘I got me some technology out there’—he gestures to the mansion’s perimeter—’that keep fat and old away from here,'” says the feature. “Buzzes if they’re too old.”

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