Seal Calls Out Oprah For Reported Knowledge Of Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Nearing the end of 2017, a string of reports from women and men in Hollywood and mainstream media came forward to out alleged sexual abusers within their industries. One name that helped to catalyze this instance is Harvey Weinstein.

The disgraced entertainment mogul – who’s currently at a rehab facility in Arizona – made headlines after a number of women stated they were sexually harassed or abused by the 65-year-old. The verbal actions of those women inspired others to air out those who’ve scarred them. The #MeToo movement (established by activist Tarana Burke) also found a home on the national forefront during Sunday’s (Jan. 7) “Golden Globes.”

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The ceremony served as a hub for actresses to take a stand against harassment in Hollywood and used the stage as a launching pad to have their speeches and ideas hit the news the following day. Namely, Oprah Winfrey’s speech not only catalyzed talks of a presidential run, but she also touched upon the recent wave of sexual harassment allegations.

While her testimony was met with a resounding round of applause, another public figure seemed to take issue with the billionaire’s discourse. According to Metro UK, singer Seal took to Instagram to voice his opinion on the matter, using a meme that insinuates Winfrey knew of Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct.

As noted by Metro UK, Winfrey has denounced Weinstein’s actions and termed it “hideous behavior.” The philanthropist also spoke with CBS in October 2017 and briefly shared her own experience with sexual abuse and how when others speak up against it, it encourages you to do the same.

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“I know being a victim of child sexual abuse that when you feel like you cannot be heard and then other people start speaking out, it makes you feel like, ‘Oh, now I can speak out too,” she said.