Chicago Singer Tattoos Voicemail From Late Grandmother Over Her Heart, Plays It Through Cellphone

A Chicago woman found a touching way to hear the voice of her late grandmother. Sakyrah Angelique Morris tattooed the waveform of a voicemail from her late grandmother over her heart, and it plays back through her cellphone.

According to a viral tweet that she posted on Tuesday (Jan. 2), the singer-songwriter’s grandmother died when she was in high school.

“My grandma passed away my junior year of high school,” she tweeted. “A month before she passed, she left me a voicemail wishing me happy birthday. Today I got that exact waveform tattooed across my heart, and I am able to play it just by holding my camera over it.”

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The technology is possible through the app Skin Motion, which can play up to 30 seconds of soundwave tattoos through mobile phones and tablets.

According to a well-informed Twitter user, the application isn’t exactly reading the message from her skin, but rather “stores an image of the waveform” and plays it from an audio file.

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With all of the attention that she’s been getting over the tweet, Morris can’t help but think that’s she has a guardian angel in her corner.

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