Rap Up Battle: Skillz Disses Uncle Murda On “Murda Gram”


The “Rap Up” originator Skillz has finally had enough of Uncle Murda’s shenanigans.

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If you aren’t familiar, the Virginia rapper has been releasing his annual rap recaps since before anyone can remember, and has long been crowned the king of this difficult task. Many have tried to replicate the magic of Skillz’s “Rap Up” series, but none of have even come close — except Uncle Murda.

The rapper also known as Lenny Grant has been releasing his own hood version of the recaps for several years, but finally struck a nerve in the long time rap veteran. After openly dissing Skillz, the man who started it all fired back with a viscous diss track aimed at Uncle Murda.

Listen to “Murda Gram” below.