White College Tennis Player Gets Suspended After Telling A Black Player ‘At Least I Know My Dad’


As can be seen from the rivalry between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl, people take sports seriously. However, it is never serious enough for anyone to be subjected to racist stereotypes.

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Spencer Brown of Appalachian State University told his opponent and rival, John Wilson of North Carolina A&T State University, who is black, ‘at least I know my dad’ during their weekend tennis match.

Wilson, who is senior president at the historically black college, took to Twitter to vent about Brown’s offensive comments during Sunday’s (Jan, 28) NCAA Division I Match. Wilson brilliantly ended the post with “Black Twitter, do ya thang” and Black Twitter didn’t disappoint.

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Gaining 4,000 retweets and nearly the same amount of likes, Appalachian State University issued a statement on Monday (1.29) announcing Brown was suspended indefinitely and called the conduct “derogatory” and “offensive”.