Sy Ari Da Kid, J.I.D And EarthGang Are The “New Malcolm X”


Atlanta’s Sy Ari Da Kid has been on his grind for a while now. The Atlanta native recently released his new EP titled, Better Safe Than Sy Ari. The nine-track project features the likes of CyHi The Prynce and Quentin Miller, among others, and is filled with quality content.

One of the many standout tracks from Better Safe Than Sy Ari is “New Malcolm X,” produced by BuaddahSPK. Sy, who is joined by Dreamville artists J.I.D. and EarthGang, kicks off the jazz-influenced track with his slick and intellectual wordplay.

“Nah mean, nah mean?/Still shining in front of the hood like highbeams, yah mean?/It seems, I’m as great as a god/They say I’m the bomb, I got a/date with Saddam/As-salamu alaykum, wa’alaykumu as-salam/Cooking turkey bacon but I don’t pray to Allah, nah/Die for it all or live for something,” raps Sy.

Other standout lines includes intelligent rhymes like, “A lot of guys just state the obvious/Cliche niggas from colleges rambling about their consciousness,” raps Doctur Dot.

Stream “New Malcolm X” and Better Safe Than Sy Ari below.

“New Malcolm X”

Better Safe Than Sy Ari