Stream Sylvan LaCue’s New Album ‘Apologies In Advance’

Sylvan LaCue is a unique breed amongst the new generation of Florida artists, and his new album Apologies In Advance proves it. Within the last year, we’ve seen more and more hip-hop artists shift their focus on mental health to the point to where they are rapping about their therapy sessions the way Jay-Z did in his 4:44 single “Smile.”

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The Florida native delivers 12 records that encourage people to be unapologetic about focusing on themselves. Songs like “Guilt Trip,” “Selfish”, and “Head Games” bring past transgressions, moments of self-doubt and an abundance of other emotional situations everyone gets caught up in at some point in their lives. LaCue hosts a 12-step group therapy session throughout the album that allows listeners to reflect on what they’ve heard.

Get lifted and vibe to Sylvan LaCue’s new album Apologies In Advance below.