Sylvan LaCue Speaks His Truth In New “Coffee Break” Video

Florida rapper Sylvan LaCue released the video for his latest song “Coffee Break” off of his new album Apologies in Advance. His unique rapid fire flow paralleled over the calm melodic beat is something worth listening too especially in today’s era of ‘Soundcloud rap’.

The album serves as a sort of AA meeting revolving around emotions. The project pushes the listener to focus on LaCue’s interpretation of his own emotions while also letting themselves be in the moment with him.

During a time where mental health in the black community is finally being somewhat addressed in hip-hop, it is pivotal to tune into the artistry that surrounds this movement.

La Cue’s album features song that guide the listener along his 12 step program while also reinforcing themes of growth, acceptance, and self-love.

Check out the video for “Coffee Break” below and give a listen to Apologies in Advance.