Teen Hangs Herself After Reportedly Cheating On Boyfriend


College student Charlotte Guy committed suicide after accidentally revealing to her two-year on-off boyfriend via Snapchat that she slept with another guy, according to reports.

Daily Mail reports the 17-year-old meant to send the message to her friend but sent it to her 20-year-old boyfriend, Jack Hurst instead. She sent a series of alarming messages soon after realizing what she had done saying, “Goodbye. Please forgive me” then “I love you – knowing that you hate me is enough” as her final message.

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The Sun reports Guy wanted to end things with Hurst in the days before her death, saying she didn’t trust him. The two were texting the weekend before her death (Sept. 24), Guy asking for them to talk after hearing rumors about a girl Hurst was seeing before her.

In a statement, Hurst said Guy wanted to talk, but responded saying he was busy. Shortly after he received the damning Snapchat message.

“She said that she wanted to talk and explain but I said that I didn’t feel like talking and to message me to say what she wanted to say,” Hurst said in the statement. “I got a long text message for her starting with ‘ok I think I get the point.’ This message concerned me and I tried to call but she didn’t answer. I got another message saying ‘it doesn’t matter. Goodbye. Please forgive me.’”

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The Daily Record reports the toxicology reports show Guy took cocaine while under the influence of alcohol. Coroner Alan Walsh said despite the toxicology report, there’s no evidence that Guy used cocaine in the past and no evidence that she was a regular user.

“I don’t think that she knew the severity of what she was doing,” her father, Martin Guy, told the Record.