Despite Rumors, Tide Isn’t Getting Rid Of “Tide Pods”


In recent weeks, the “Tide Pod Challenge” has become the newest Internet frenzy in which teens physically consume the laundry pods and film their reactions for amusement. For all the POC wondering, yes, yes they are.

Due to the challenge, it was rumored that Tide would drop liquid laundry packet from its laundry roster. However, the Proctor and Gamble company took to Twitter to quickly dispel the rumors.

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They’ve also found a way to market the issue, by releasing a PSA.

Tide’s take on laundry pods were introduced in 2012, but early laundry pods go as far back as the 80’s. Tide’s approach revolutionized the laundry game. After ten people died, changes were made to both the pods and the packaging to deter toddlers and people battling dementia from ingesting them.

Here’s hoping the Internet challenges can return to being more like this:

….and less like this.

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