Twitter Comes For Tomi Lahren For Rapping Along To 21 Savage

Looks like Tomi Lahren still can’t catch a break.

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The political pundit caught the ire of Twitter for rapping along to 21 Savage’s hit “Bank Account.” This comes just days after she made headlines for defending Donald Trump’s “sh*thole” comments towards predominantly black and brown countries such as Haiti and Africa.

The reason for this weekend’s dose of dragging is due to the fact that the 25-year-old has made a platform off of criticizing black culture and black people, yet she seems to continue to enjoy certain aspects of something she constantly belittles.

“Tomi Lahren listens to 21 Savage, but if he or any other black person is murdered by police, you can be damn sure she will say they deserved it,” wrote one Twitter user, while another wrote, “Tomi Lahren rapping along to 21 Savage is the embodiment of the criticism that Americans love black culture but hate black people.”

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Read some of the responses to Tomi’s lip-synch below.