Tomi Lahren Defends Donald Trump “Sh*thole Countries” Comment

If there were ever any doubt Donald Trump may be a racist, comments the president made which were first reported by The Washington Post remove the uncertainty. According to the publication, Trump grew frustrated at a group of bipartisan senators who proposed a compromised deal to protect DACA immigrants while still increasing boarder patrol security.

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“Why do we want all these people from ‘sh*thole countries’ coming here?” Trump questioned while in the Oval Office.

The countries Trump referred to were Haiti, El Salvador and Africa. Once the news broke of the presidents xenophobic and racist statements, many took to Twitter to express their surprise, anger, and frustration. However, one person who didn’t share the sentiments of the majority was Tomi Lahren. The Fox News host took to social media to justify Trump’s commentary.

Tomi Lahren’s reasoning of Trump’s comments didn’t sit well with a few folks.

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Sometimes it’s okay not to speak.