Too Short Claims He’s Being Extorted By Sexual Assault Accuser

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Too Short claims that he’s the victim of “blatant outright extortion.” On Monday (Jan. 22), the 51-year-old rapper spoke to TMZ  to again deny claims made in a  sexual battery lawsuit filed by accuser, Teana Louis.

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According to Short, Louis is an artist that he was working with, and though he admits to engaging in “foreplay” he maintained that that was the extent of their non-work relationship. In the lawsuit, Louis, accuses him of multiple incidents of sexual assault in 2016, including forced oral sex, vaginal sex, and sodomy.

“This is just blatant outright extortion. It’s not a criminal case,” he said. It’s something that stems from over a year ago, it was initially just Instagram posts.

“For a while there I thought it was something other [than that], but now I know for a fact [that] it’s all about money,” he continued.

Short claims that he will be countersuing Louis for slander, as well as possibly seeking a restraining order, and anything else necessary to get “this out of my life.”

“In today’s culture, everything has to be handled very sensitively as far as the work environment and general relationships. You have to really keep everything above water, crystal clear. Consent is starting to be a very fine line,” he said adding that there’s “nothing” that he would ever do that’s “not consensual.”

In closing, Short said that false allegations are “messing up” the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns.

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