Tory Lanez And Zane Lowe Discuss Possible Movie With 50 Cent On Beats 1


Fresh off his reconciliation with the always benevolent Drake, Toronto talent,Tory Lanez sat down with Zane Lowe where he spoke about his love for his hometown, upcoming music, and a possible acting debut.

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Aside from blazing Hot 97 with a freestyle that Funk Flex couldn’t drop enough bombs on, Tory Lanez has been quite quiet in the realm of music. Because of this, on Tuesday’s (Jan. 23) interview on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show, the two dove straight into the point of interest, the possibility of new music in 2018.

“This time it was more so about like every piece of vulnerability and every piece of truth and things that people just want to know,” Lanez said of the direction of his new music. “That’s why this album is called Memories Don’t Die because the memories of this album will never die because how honest it was.”

The biggest reveal came after Lanez detailed the creation of what he describes as a “crazy” record with his idol, 50 Cent, explaining that he and 50 will be creating a feature-length visual to coincide the release of his new album.

“I’m making a movie and pretty much he’s going to assist in it,” he said.

Although Tory’s hesitance to “spoil” anything leaves his definitive role in the project unclear, 50’s known knack for creating successful film/series paired the intriguing song-writing skills of Tory Lanez, still adds excitement for the album which is set to release in March. And if this upcoming film results in acting debut, Memories Don’t Die may show fans Tory’s potential as an overall entertainer.

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Yet despite the excitement surrounding his possible launch into movies, Tory’s collaboration with 50 Cent is just one of the multiple things disclosed during the conversation. Watch the full episode interview and discover Tory Lanez’s take on Toronto, the potential features for his album, and more.