Tyga Defends Controversial Album Cover, Calls It “Art”


Tyga became embroiled in a bit of controversy after unveiling the explicit album artwork for his forthcoming album KYOTO. The artwork features a naked woman with tiger-printed skin lying in a provocative position, in front of a background that appears to look like the flag of Japan.

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The rapper doesn’t seem to get all the hullabaloo, and spoke to TMZ over what he sees as “art,” “lit” art at that.

“It’s not a flag, it’s a rising sun,” T-Rawww says after being prompted about whether the artwork is disrespectful towards Japan. “The artist [Hajime Sorayama] is Japanese. So, he’s a very well-known Japanese designer so, that’s why I did it with him.”

The interviewer also says that people are calling the artwork “furry porn,” which the B**ch I’m The Sh*t 2 proclaims is false.

“I don’t even know what [furry porn] is,” he laughs. “I love it, it’s a art piece.”

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