University Of Alabama Student Expelled For N-Word Use On Instagram

A University of Alabama sorority girl’s unapologetic use of the N-word on social media resulted in her expulsion from the school. The New York Post reports that Harley Barber, 19, was kicked out of the institution and her sorority Alpha Phi for numerous social media posts of her saying the slur.

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“These remarks are ignorant and disturbing and in no way reflect the values of The University of Alabama,” university spokesman Chris Bryant said in a statement.

“Alpha Phi is a diverse, values-based organization and condemns the language and opinions in these videos,” said Linda Kahangi, executive director of Alpha Phi International Fraternity. “They are offensive and hateful to both our own members and to other members of the Greek and campus community.”

“I love how I act like I love black people because I f**king hate ni***rs,” Barber says in her first video, which was uploaded to her “finsta,” a term for a “fake” Instagram account in which only certain friends can follow. “So, that’s really interesting- I f**king hate ni***rs, but I just saved the f**king ni***rs by shutting that water off.”

In a second video, the N.J. native doesn’t regret using the word after criticism from followers, saying “…now someone wants to save my finsta because I said ni***r? You know what? Ni***r, ni***r, ni***r. I don’t care if it’s Martin Luther King Day. I’m in the South now, b**ch, so everyone can f**k off. I’m from New Jersey, so I can say ni***r as much as I want.”

According to comments made to The Post, Barber now “feel[s] so, so bad,” and there’s “no excuse” for what she did. Per the Daily Mail, Barber’s mother said that she threw her daughter out about a year ago due to her horrific, disrespectful behavior. She has no contact with her daughter and was reportedly “devastated” by the videos.

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“I’m an idiot. There’s no excuse. I did something really bad,” she reportedly said.