Jadakiss, Fabolous And The Wu-Tang Clan Celebrate MTN Dew Ice Launch

Thursday night (Jan. 18), Mountain Dew gathered some of the biggest names in hip-hop for the launch of the new MTN Dew Ice.

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“We’re thrilled to introduce a new product to the Mountain Dew portfolio and give Dew Nation a clear, refreshing, lemon-lime DEW. We know we can deliver an incredible beverage that hits on the crisp and refreshing cues people want,” said Roberto Rios, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Carbonated Soft Drinks – PepsiCo North America Beverages via press release. “True to our brand, MTN DEW ICE represents the bold lifestyle of Dew Nation, and we’ll be there to help them refresh, recharge and fuel their pursuits.”

At Brooklyn’s Villian, which is safely tucked away in the plush section of Williamsburg, rap legends such as Jadakiss, Fabolous and members of the Wu-Tang Clan celebrated the release of MTD’s new ICE beverage by performing classic Wu songs such as “M.E.T.H.O.D. Man,” “C.R.E.A.M.,” and “Ice Cream.” Also, Fabolous and Jadakiss ran through songs from the recent collaborative project, Freddy Vs. Jason.

The good folks at MTD invited VIBE out to partake in the lyrical festivities. Before Fabolous, T5DOA, Inspectah Deck, and Ghostface Killah ripped the stage, VIBE caught the dart throwers for a brief discussion on education, their favorite books and showing love to Mountain Dew.

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VIBE: What’s your favorite Mountain Dew? 

Jadakiss: The original is my favorite. But this new flavor they have is good. I got a chance to taste it. I grew up on the regular [Mountain Dew]. But I rock with Mountain Dew. They called us, and we came here to support.

There are still some people out there who do not understand that many of us live by the rules and guidelines that’s in your music. Outside of your favorite rappers, who, or where’d you guys pick up these principles from?
Jadakiss: Just being outside. Growing up in my environment and looking up to certain cats whether they’re family members or somebody in the ‘hood. I just learned from the older cats that’s around.

Fabolous: I took a lot of the influence and inspiration from that environment as well. And I’m sure we’ve read books and took sh*t from that. We might not have shouted it out, but when you digest education or information, it’s with you.

Ghostface Killah: The gems are coming from the gods – Islam. We were getting it from Islam. You had brothers that were out there that were teaching us. They had that gift. Besides that, you had brothers that didn’t practice Islam, but were dropping jewels on us too.

Do you guys have any favorite books that you turn to for guidance?
Ghostface: The Qu’ran is my favorite book. Anything dealing with the Most High. I comprehend it more when it’s from the Most High.

Inspectah Deck: I still read sh*t like Readers Digest. I’ll tell you what’s laying on my dresser right now: Hustlers Wife, The Kenyatta Story, Black Like Me, A Raisin in the Sun and I have some marijuana books

We know and understand why this music is important to us – especially if you’re from that life – but you don’t have to be from that life. For those who aren’t, what do you want them to get from your music? 
Fabolous: If you ain’t in-tune, you just don’t get it. Some people woke and some people sleep.

Jadakiss: It’s not even a color barrier, it’s the individual listener.

Fabolous: There are some white people that are woke as f**k. You see Michael Rapaport?

Jadakiss: He’s on everything smoking.

Jada and Fab, you have Freddy Vs. Jason out. Did you guys learn anything new about yourselves while working on this project? 
Jadakiss: I wouldn’t say anything new, but doing this project with him just showed me that you gotta…he don’t sleep. And being on Bad Boy, Puff was like that. Being on Ruff Ryders, Dean was like that. So, he just brought back memories that reminded me that I gotta stay on my A game.

I just love that I’m able to do what I do. Ni**as fell in love with hip-hop young. I learn from Kiss and just different little things. Even how we’re kind of like hip-hop historians. We come from the same learning of hip-hop. We know certain things, we know music, we know beats, we know ’90s sh*t.

Jada, your son is about to graduate college at Clark Atlanta University. Does he tell you about his experiences down there?
Jadakiss: He loves it. It seems like yesterday when I took him down there to the dorms, and he graduates in May. It’s a blessing. It’s a beautiful thing. Fab has two boys coming up.

That’s just a blessing to be able to put your kids through college. That just shows you how hip-hop provides for the next generation. I just put my niece into school. She’s in her first year at Seton Hall.

Jadakiss: Where we come from nobody went to college. It’s beautiful.

Freddy Vs Jason 2?
Jadakiss: We have to see. We’re on the first one. But we’re definitely in this for the long run.