Vic Mensa Unveils Video For “We Could Be Free”

Vic Mensa sat down with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe for an exclusive artist’s take on his latest music video for “We Could Be Free.” The video aims to take a look at the world without fear or prejudice.

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“…globally there’s a lot of division based on a lot of fear,” the Chi-Town native told Lowe. “I wanted to present an alternative that was without fear and something that was more so based in humanity.”

The beginning of the video portrays an infant in the womb. The listener can hear issues going on outside in the world, which could have the power to affect the baby after it is born.

The video also has a personal touch from the The Autobiography musician.

“I’m taking you through this different experiences growing up on the South side,” he continues. “…not to say that I achieved freedom, but that it is possible. It’s the apex of that realization.”

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Watch the video via Apple Music here.