Waka Flocka Flame Isn’t Vegan Anymore, But Has An Appetite For Bitcoin

At one point in time, Waka Flocka Flame was a man who was on a plant-based diet; in simpler terms—the Atlanta rapper was a vegan. Now, Waka has changed his eating habits. In a new interview with Paper magazine, he revealed why he quit the strict diet regimen for good.

“I think the public scared me from being vegan,” he admitted. “I got so conditioned, I got blinded from what’s really vegan. I got conditioned to just reading the label, and somebody says it’s vegan, so therefore it’s healthy.”

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“And it really wasn’t vegan… I’m at a crisis with myself. I’m at a battle with myself right now when it comes to this,” he continued. “What I call myself now is a conscious eater, meaning I’m conscious about the things I put in my mouth, and about the things that I drink.”

Additionally, he felt that because he was a vegan, people would get intimidated because a sense of sub-conscious self-judgment ensues when a person of a stricter diet comes around. To him, being a vegan was like labeling himself and making him superior to others; ultimately that rubbed him the wrong way.

Plus, he was over the rigid limitations like when he “started reading that vegans can’t eat honey, I was like, y’all going too far. Let me fall back.” Not to mention he certainly wanted to ditch the bad reputation that’s associated with veganism. “They scare people and sh*t, like people are really scared of vegans. They’re like the f****g cops,” he joked. “When vegans are around, people be trying to throw their food under the table, like ‘oh, the vegans!’”

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Besides being conscious of his lifestyle choices, Waka still has his eyes set on wealth. He joins the growing number of entertainers in the hip-hop community that have invested in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

“I bought some coins called troptions. They’re coins that you can actually buy a car with or pay your rent with. That sh*t is lit,” he said “I’m like, ahead of the curve in the hood. I love the internet. If you think about it, my whole career, I never marketed mainstream. Lately my career is all internet. From the Waka campaign, to the Waka memes. So I recognize the internet and I saw the internet currency, and sh*t you know I’m all for that.”