Wanda Sykes Reveals She Was Offered Half Of What Netflix Offered Mo’Nique


After Mo’Nique called for a boycott of Netfllix for being offered $500,000 to do a comedy special, a debate emerged around pay and worth in Hollywood. Amy Schumer who also had a Netflix comedy special was originally offered $11 million and renegotiated for $13 million while Dave Chappelle received a whopping $20 million for his specials.

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There were some who took to social media to say Mo’Nique was low balled by the streaming service, while others said Mo’Nique was offered half a million due to her lack of demand, despite her being an Academy Award winner.

Wanda Sykes got wind of Mo’Nique’s predicament and took to Twitter to reveal she was offered less than what Netflix tried to pay Mo’Nique.

After learning Netflix offered them both less than $1 million, Mo’Nique took to social media to question why two black female comedians didn’t collectively merit just as much as Schumer.

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“Now this has nothing to do with going against Amy Schumer. If our sister was able to get that, she was supposed to,” Mo’Nique said referring to Schumer’s $13 million paycheck. “But how is it that when it comes to these two black female comedians that are still at the top of their game after 50 plus years in this business be offered $750,000 collectively. Make that make sense.”

Does Mo’Nique have a point?