High School Daze: Wiz Khalifa Shines Like An MVP In His “Letterman” Video


Before the end of 2017, Wiz Khalifa dropped off his Laugh Now, Fly Later mixtape, which holds his most slept on single of the year “Letterman.” Although the chorus specifically mentions talking like [David] Letterman, Wiz Khalifa decided to go with another interpretation of the lyric for the official video.

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The Taylor Gang chief teamed up with director Ethan Lader to produced a high school themed visual for “Letterman.” In the video, Wiz transforms into the popular jock most of us were friends with (or hated) in high school. With his beautiful pep squad cheering him on, the Pittsburgh rapper takes to the middle of the field to light up a joint and score points with his fans al while rocking his letterman jacket.

Watch Wiz Khalifa in his new “Letterman” video below.