Woman’s Dismembered Body Found In Pots And Pans Atop Ex-Husband’s Stove

The remains of a 25-year-old woman who disappeared were found by Mexican authorities Monday (Jan.23) dismembered on top of her ex-husband’s stove.

Magdalena Aguilar Romero was last seen Jan. 13 when she told relatives she was going to pick up her children from her ex-husband’s home.  Romero’s ex-husband Cesar Gomez Arciniega is now in  police custody.

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“It is presumed that she was cooked,” State Security Spokesman Roberto Alvarez said.

Police said Romero’s legs and arms were found inside a pot on top of the stove, while her already cooked pelvis was found inside a bag near the stove. The rest of the victim’s body was later discovered in a nearby refrigerator.

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According to Fox News, local authorities are investigating Arciniega for “femicide,” which is the murder of a woman when the motive is directly related to her gender. In a December 2017, a report released by the Mexican government and the UN Women agency, the murders of women in the region increased drastically over the last 10 years following a decline over the last two decades.