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After Raising Money For Children To See 'A Wrinkle In Time,' Little Miss Flint Shares Aspirations For President

The ten-year-old has big plans for the future. 

Amariyanna Copeny, known to the world as Little Miss Flint, isn't slowing down her efforts to inspire her community.

The ten-year-old is raising money for children in Flint, MI to see Ava DuVernay’s  A Wrinkle in Time, in hopes of inspiring other children to dream big. The film features a set of strong, female leads and a lot of fantasy. DuVernay has said many times that she hopes for the film to be a light in the dark and restore a sense of wonder at a time where it’s easy to feel like only the worse is to come.

Copeny is a part of that light. The tiny activist explained the importance of the film and its heroic representation of young black girls. "Not often do you see a black girl as the star of a movie, let alone the one who saves the world," she said on her GoFundMe page. "I want little girls to be able to watch this movie and be able to see themselves and the potential that they can 'save the world' as well."

"This cast is packed with smart strong women and it is important for young girls to see these images represented in all forms of media, especially on the big screen.  A little girl that looks like me is saving the universe, that's not something we see every day (even though it should be)."

The young girl with an unwavering will to give back is a representation of the continuity in ideas like those behind the direction of A Wrinkle in Time.

Copeny also took to Twitter to announce her political aspirations. “I want to be President when I grow up,” she wrote. “But until then I will fight for #FlintKids.” There wasn’t a single objection.

Copeny recently raised almost $16,000 for local children to see Black Panther, a film that recently shattered blockbuster expectations.

While her dreams for President are on hold right now, you can donate to her latest initiative here. Copeny is already $4,000 away from her $10,000 goal.

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Drake Seemingly Confirms OVO Fest 2019 After Being Trolled At NBA Game

Drake fans are convinced that OVO Fest 2019 is happening after he seemingly confirmed the return of his hometown festival on social media Thursday (May 24).

The unofficial confirmation came in response to Mallory Edens, daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner, Wes Edens, trolling Drake by wearing a Pusha T shirt while seated court side during Thursday’s NBA Eastern Conference Finals game between the Bucks and the Toronto Raptors.

The shirt was a hit back at Drake's after he was criticized for his court side behavior during game 4. Drake wasn't at game 5, but he took Mallory's jab in jest and wrote a response on his Instagram story that read, “All is fair in war and war and trust me I’ll still get you tickets to ovo fest.”

He also followed Mallory on Instagram and changed his avi to her photo.

For the record, the 6 God made an apparent OVO Fest announcement during the end of a two-night concert run in Toronto last year.

Drake’s OVO Fest launched nearly a decade ago and has previously welcomed acts including J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and The Weeknd. The festival has been on hiatus since 2017.

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Geto Boys Reportedly Cancel Farewell Tour After Bushwick Bill Pulls Out

The Geto Boys’ farewell tour seems to be over before it even started. The tour was canceled after Bushwick Bill reportedly pulled out of the jaunt a day before the legendary hip-hop group was scheduled to kick off their first performance.

According to TMZ, Bill felt that promoters were exploiting his recent cancer announcement. He took particular issue with the ominous tour title, The Beginning of a Long Goodbye: The Final Farewell.

Promoters were left with no choice but to cancel the already scheduled concerts after Bill walked away from the tour. The group was scheduled to hit Michigan on May 24, followed by Cleveland, Washington D.C. and New York City over the holiday weekend, with additional tour dates to be announced at a later time. The Geto Boys have yet to formally announce the tour cancellation but group members Scarface and Willie D were “blindsided” by Bill’s decision, TMZ reported.

Bill apparently plans to launch a solo tour next month, and will donate 10% of the proceeds to pancreatic cancer patients in each city on the trek. Earlier in the month, the 52-year-old rapper revealed that he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic but vowed to continue working. Aside from his reported tour, Bill has a documentary and new music on the way.

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Dionne Warwick Clarifies Comments About Beyonce Not Being An Icon

Dionne Warwick is clarifying her comments about why she doesn't think Beyonce is an icon, yet.  The 78-year-old music legend called out Essence magazine after the Bey-related snippet from her interview with the publication went viral  Thursday (May 23).

“It takes a long time to reach and achieve iconic status,” Warwick clarified. “That’s not to say that Beyoncé isn’t well on her way. She is a gifted performer. That was a reach from Essence.”

What I said is in quotes. What @Essence said is not. It takes a long time to reach and achieve iconic status. That’s not to say that Beyoncé isn’t well on her way. She is a gifted performer. That was a reach from Essence.

— Dionne Warwick (@_DionneWarwick) May 23, 2019

In the interview, Warwick proclaimed that there are no new music icons, and that Beyonce has yet to reach the coveted status.

“I don’t know if 10 years from now, if anybody can sing the songs of our babies [artists] today, and that’s not as you guys say ‘throwing shade.’ That’s looking at it with reality,” said Warwick.

The “Walk on By” singer explained that recording artists with at least 20 years in music have to survive a few more decades before they can be considered iconic, Beyonce included.

“Watching her grow has been quite refreshing,” Warwick added. “It’s wonderful to see how she’s been able to create what and who she wanted to be and who she is…very proud of that, I really am. Now, sustaining and becoming a big icon that Gladys Knight, or Patti LaBelle, or Johnny Mathis, or Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr. is? I doubt that, I really do. And I love her to death and can appreciate her talent. But that iconic status that I just mentioned, those four names? [She has] a long read [ahead].”

Although Warwick is a fan of Queen Bey and other “youngsters” in the industry, she thinks that today’s popular artists have a “long way to go” before their music can be considered classic.”

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