Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Fight Break Out Over Passing Gas


A Transavia Airlines plane en route from Dubai to Amsterdam, was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing on Feb. 18, after a fight broke out among the passengers. According to the New York Post, the fight was sparked due to one passenger’s explosive flatulence.

Two Dutchmen whom were reportedly sitting next to a man with terrible gas, reportedly asked the fellow passenger to kindly stop passing gas on the aircraft. Despite their polite requests, the passenger refused to oblige. The Dutchmen then reportedly turned to the budget airline’s crew, who also did not help the passengers after several complaints, NY Post reports. Growing more and more upset, the passengers then engaged in an altercation with the other passenger.

Despite warning from the pilot and crew, the fight continued, ultimately forcing the airplane to landing immediately at the Vienna Airport. Police eventually boarded the plane once it landed and removed two women and two men from the aircraft, citing the incident as “passengers on the rampage,” the NY Post reports.

The two women who were removed however, are not willing to give in that easy. The women, whom are sisters, are reportedly looking to sue the airlines service, claiming they were not involved in the altercation and that their removal from the aircraft was “humiliating.” All four of the passengers taken into police custody have been released without charges. Even so, they have all been banned from flying with Transavia Airlines in the future.

Moral of the story: even a little gas isn’t worth getting you kicked off a flight.