Reboot Rumors Swirl As ‘All That’ Cast Reunites On ‘Wild ‘N Out’

With rumors circulating 90s hit shows like Martin and Living Single possible making a return to television, it seems as though Nickelodeon’s All That has also thrust itself into the reboot conspiracy.

After reports surfaced that the channel could possibly bring back shows like Invader Zim and Rocko’s Modern Life, many 90s babies began to wonder if legendary sketch show, All That, would get the same treatment. And while none of these claims have been confirmed, with the cast taking to Instagram showing that they reunited for an episode of Wild ‘N Out, fuel was added to this reboot fire.

Sustaining these flames is the fact that two of the show’s popular stars, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, ended their nearly decade-long beef three years ago with the pair telling the Huffington Post that they now “call and text each other all the time.” This is in addition to Wild ‘N Out host Nick Cannon, being the chairman of Nickelodeon’s Teen Nick channel, where the reboot will more than likely air.

These facts combined with the ever-present 90s nostalgia creates a lot of hype surrounding a potential return of a childhood staple. But with no announcements or any indicated on the horizon, fans won’t know until the TLC vocal drop that All That has returned.