Hennessy, Photographer Andre Wagner’s New Short Film Honors Black History Month

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Black History Month is just as much about everyday people in everyday places in America as it is about prominent historical figures during the Civil Rights movement. Brooklyn-based photographer Andre Wagner attempts to bring to life this idea in partnership with liquor brand Hennessy.

Wagner has recently created a short film with the brand in efforts to celebrate the achievements of our black founding fathers, and spotlight everyday people who are just as significant—because, as the saying goes, it takes a village. Much of Wagner’s work is influenced by his black identity in America.

“My identity as a photographer has a lot to do with being a black man in America,” Wagner says in the film. “We think about all the grand things that happened within Black History from the Harlem Renaissance to the leaders in the black community, but we also need to celebrate the average everyday person, and that is so much of what my work highlights.”

In the one-minute clip, Wagner is seen traveling all over New York City’s Harlem neighborhoods by foot and stopping on the train to photograph beautiful random black pedestrians as they go on their way around town. This project is part of Hennessy’s “Never stop. Never settle” campaign.