Watch The Full-Length Trailer For FX’s ‘Atlanta’

It’s robbin’ season, and that means, Earn (played by Donald Glover) and his gangs of friends are back with season two of Atlanta. FX recently dropped the full-length trailer for its hit comedy series, and it definitely looks like the characters are going to get into a lot of interesting situations this season.

The 1-minute trailer picks up where we left off in season one. Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) is on a mission to get famous and Earn is still living in a storage unit. “It’s robbin’ season… Everybody gotta eat,” Lakeith Stanfield’s character, Darius says.

But as the preview progresses, the crew seems to fall into some good fortune. Earn actually gets paid for doing something right; Paper Boi may be making baby steps in his career; Van (Zazie Beetz) seems a bit happier about life; and of course Darius is still funny. Even so, with this cast, we’re sure they’ll find themselves in some kind of mess.

During the Television Critics Association press tour back in Jan. 2018, the show’s executive producer, Stephen Glover (Donald Glover’s brother) told Variety that season two will capture a number of changes happening amongst the characters. “It’s a very dangerous, uncertain time in the city. So everybody’s shaken up a little bit this year, and everybody has to make important decisions,” Stephen said. “‘Robbin’ Season’ is kind of like a metaphor for all of our characters.”

Atlanta “Robbin’ Season” premieres on Mar. 1, on FX. Check out the trailer above.