Atlanta’s International Airport Teases Departing Flight To Wakanda


Black Panther earned rave reviews and impassioned fan feedback. Needless to say, the film’s impact was vast with the quarter-billion-dollar box office revenue garnered over the weekend after the premiere. But a lot of people are still upset. Not about the film’s plot or about an ending (it was all good) but about the fictional nation of Wakanda. It was too perfect.

#WakandaForever is still trending and fans can’t be blamed. The nation was beautiful, ritualistic, rich in tradition and culture, and a technological giant. It did a few things to rid real African nations of their stigmatized lands, often described as too arid, too barren, and destitute. Restriction to the country on-screen seems unfair.

The king is a known superhero with a high tech, indestructible panther suit released from his necklace and controlled by his mind, the princess is a tech wiz who harnesses the country’s most copious resource for general advancement, not royal greed, and no one goes hungry? Where can one sign up? When’s the next flight out?

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport agrees with all of the above, and they have the flight info.

Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 20), the airport tweeted a picture, displaying a flight to Wakanda on a mystery airline with the caption, “The bags are packed #WakandaForever,” The Root reports.

Naturally, the film’s fans had comments, not excluding questions along the lines of, “Does this airline have WiFi?” Even Lupita Nyong’o had some clever comments to make.

The airport hit Nyong’o back, matching her wit.

And some fans wanted to know how else they could access these hits.

For those hoping to get on the flight soon, the airline says that first class is available. And T’Challa himself will be on the flight.