Fans Think An Update On Ticketmaster Confirms A Joint Beyonce & JAY-Z Tour Is Coming

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Earlier this year, a rumor started, saying that Beyonce and JAY-Z could be going on tour together. While the reports hasn’t been confirmed at this time, a new page on Ticketmaster has many fans believing that a joint tour is actually coming soon.

On Wednesday (Feb. 22), a Beyonce Twitter fan account by the name of @YonceHub tweeted a screenshot of Ticketmaster’s UK website. The site showed a listing for Beyonce and JAY-Z, leading many to believe that Ticketmaster was gearing up for the ticket sales. “A page for ‘Beyoncé & Jay Z’ has appeared on Ticketmaster UK’s official website,” the fan page tweeted. Another account, @yonceslay04, also confirmed that Ticketmaster’s U.S. website made the same update.

The new development comes shortly after Laura Stylez put the idea of a joint tour into the universe during her report on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show. “This a rumor. I have my sources, ok. So, don’t ask me any questions. And again, it’s a rumor. I heard, that somebody told, that somebody told me, that somebody told me that The Carters–Jay Z and Beyoncé–might, this is a might, be announcing a tour very soon,” she said at the time.

The Ticketmaster page doesn’t provide any other information, so it’s possible it may be related to a previous tour schedule. The couple previously worked on the On The Run Tour together in 2014. It’s unclear what a joint tour would look like this time around, but the duo would most likely perform work from their recent albums, 4:44 and Lemonade, which discussed their marital and family issues.

Keep your eyes peeled for any new updates.

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