Watch Black Atlass’ Lovestruck Video “My Life”

Black Atlass recently joined The Weeknd’s XO label, but the crooner has been turning heads in the music industry ever since his 2012 when his song “Paris” was featured in a Louis Vuitton ad. Today (Feb 9), the Ontario native debuts a new video that finds him in L.A. spending a few days with his love interest.

“There are so many beautiful things that come with the word black and the color black that I think relate to,” the singer tells NPR about the visual. “You know, the universe, the interconnectedness of us all of us really just represents the world.”

Under the close tutelage of The Weeknd and the XO family, the 23-year old singer plans to introduce a new project later this year.

“The whole project is just kind of about my journey with this character throughout the city,” he explains about his upcoming project. “It has this dark element to it, true to this fantasy. It’s a female character being L.A., [which] represents that sort of contrast to the experience and it’s the devil and angel on your shoulder at the same time.”

Watch the singer’s “My Life” video below.