‘Black Lives Matter Week of Action’ To Join Curriculum in Maryland County

One county in Maryland will be sure to insert a week of lessons to inform black and brown students about their history, their status in the present, and plans for action in the future.

In its second year, the initiative for ‘Black Lives Matter Week of Action,’ has gone national standing firm in schools with students of all ages across the country. One of those counties is the Prince George’s County School Board in Maryland. After a unanimous vote Friday (Feb. 2), the week of action will find its way into all schools in the county, effective immediately, spanning between February 5 and February 10, according to The Root. Prince George’s County was one of the first schools in Maryland to approve the initiative.

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While it is unclear what’ll be taught exactly, lessons will impart information about “structural racism, intersectional Black identities, and Black history,” according to the organization Teaching for Change. Otherwise what is included or excluded in instruction is decided entirely by the judgment of teachers.

Prince George’s County is two-thirds African-American and one of the wealthiest African-American counties in the US. It was the superlative before the House Market Crash of 2007, which affected the entire country. It is also one of the highest income counties in the US. Nonetheless, the county is subject to recurring police brutality for which we know is disproportionately directed towards minorities. In 2017, 25% of brutality casualties were Blacks, though only 13% of the entire US population is black.

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After implementation, the Black Lives Matter Week of Action should do more to inflate self-awareness and create an informed environment which is absolutely necessary for the growth and development of black and brown children.