‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Asks People About Wakanda ‘Crisis’ In ‘Lie Witness News’


Jimmy Kimmel has a knack for making the American public look downright foolish through his segment, “Lie Witness News,” and the recent “Black Panther” edition of the popular clip series is no different.

The on-the-street team from Jimmy Kimmel Live! asked bystanders around Hollywood about the crisis going on in Wakanda. Those who know better were aware that Wakanda is the fictional country from the blockbuster hit.

The questions ranged from “Should Wakanda be forced to share their vibranium?” (which allegedly powers U.S. fidget spinners and golf carts), to “Is it time to bring the U.S. troops home from Wakanda?”

“It’s a big catastrophe,” one person says about the crisis in the fictional African country, while another says that the “Twitter war” between Donald Trump and King T’Challa of Wakanda is “good publicity.”

Of course, the answers are astounding and mind-boggling, but we’ll chalk it up to the probable fact that those interviewed on “Lie Witness News” haven’t seen the box-office smash hit film just yet.

Black Panther has earned more than any other Marvel film, with a worldwide gross of over $700 million. Watch the hilarious Black Panther edition of “Lie Witness News” below.