Marvel President “Absolutely” Wants A ‘Black Panther’ Sequel

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Black Panther is currently making history at the box office in just four days since its premiere date. So, it’s no surprise that Marvel is looking to duplicate that success with a follow-up film. In fact, Marvel president, Kevin Feige, recently indicated that a Black Panther sequel could actually happen.

Feige shared the news in a recent interview with Variety. “We always say we work on one movie at a time,” Feige said. “If you have any good ideas, put it in the movie you’re making. If you don’t, you might not be able to make another one. That said, Panther has been around for more than half a century in the comic books and there are many, many stories to tell.”

While he didn’t actually confirm that a sequel was in the works, he suggested that a trip back to Wakanda would definitely be something of interest to Marvel, cast, and crew.  And when asked if he thought Ryan Coogler would reprise his role as co-writer and director, Feige replied: “I hope so… Absolutely.”

As previously reported, Black Panther racked up $242 million domestically and $427 million worldwide at the box office in its opening weekend. It’s the highest opening of all time for a film released in February.

There is no word if a sequel will officially happen at this time. Black Panther is currently in theaters.