Blood Orange Plans To Spread ‘Black History’ All Year Long With Two New Tracks

At midnight (Feb. 5), Dev Hynes hit Instagram to give his new tracks exposure in the discreet way that he does.

Months ago, Hynes talked about his next project with Noisey and said that it would cover his experience as a young, black man in England. No one knows anything about that project but Hynes has been present, collaborating with the punk duo, Girlpool, and appearing in a recent Calvin Klein ad alongside Solange and Kelela.

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In a SoundCloud album entitled “Black History,” the British musician dropped “Christopher & 6th” and “June 12th,” the latter possibly a reference to the Supreme Court’s decision to deny marriage in the landmark Loving v. Virginia case. The two songs feature Blood Orange crooning over gentle rhythms. “On Christopher and 6th,” Hynes uses mellow tones on a two-part track. And on “June 12th,” the melody is darker, relaying a struggle with identity through monologue.

Check out the tracks below.