Cardi B Allegedly Receiving Death Threats After Dissing Gang

Cardi B may be the victim of death threats. According to a new report on TMZ, the Bronx native may have pissed off the Crips (a notorious gang based out of Southern California) after she posted a photo on Instagram, seemingly dissing the group.

Cardi B shared a pic of her rocking a royal blue fur coat on IG on Feb. 6. The photo seemed normal, but the rapper caption might’ve turned some heads. “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin,” she wrote. As many know, the gang colors for Crips is blue. By referring to their colors as “Flue,” it was perceived as though Cardi was insulting the gang.

Cardi, who is believed to have ties with rival gang, Bloods, definitely upset a number of people. Many people left negative feedback in her comments section, while other pretty much threatened to kill her.

Following the release of “Bodak Yellow,” there was a lot of speculation surrounding Cardi’s affiliation. However, the rapper appeared to confirm her gang ties on social media in May 2017, when she stated that she has been a “big time Blood” since she was 16.

Check out the Instagram photo that put the target on Cardi B’s back above.

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