Premiere: Chris Orrick And Fashawn Search For The Truth On New Track “Bottom Feeders” (Prod. By Exile)


Michigan native Chris Orrick announces his upcoming project, Portraits, today (Feb. 28) on with a gritty new cut titled “Bottom Feeders.” Teaming up with flame spitta, Fashawn, the rap purist uses a soulful backdrop constructed by Exile to address all the dirty leeches in life.

Formerly known as Red Pill, Orrick plans to release his lyrically heavy album on May 4th via Mello Music Group. On the forthcoming project, Chris aims to help the world open their eyes to all the unseen truths woven deep into the fabric of society.

“I tried to strip everything down to what I think simple, concise portraits of who I am,” Orrick says about the album. “Whether
that be finding myself through self-portraits, portraits of everyday workers, portraits of the current political moment or portraits of myself told through the eyes of people I encounter daily.”

“Portraits can often be overlooked, but there are so many details in the face that tell innumerable stories about what the person portrayed might have been feeling or going through,” Orrick continues. “I’m trying to find those details, within myself and within America today.”

Stream “Bottom Feeders” below.