Delta Passengers Sit At Gate For 12 Hours, Only For Flight To Be Cancelled


If you thought you had a rough week, hundreds of passengers who were hoping to fly out of Kansas City would like to correct you.

According to The Kansas City Star, Delta Flight 2195 was one of the many flights delayed or cancelled altogether due to a massive ice storm. While Southwest, American and United Airlines also faced inclement weather issues, the Delta flight caught the most heat.

According to reports, the flight was supposed to take off and head to California at around 6:30 a.m. It backed away from the gate several times, but never actually took off. Passenger Ann Ngo said the flight was officially cancelled around 6 p.m, and she called it her “worst day ever as a traveler.”

“It was a sh*t show,” she said.

“Delta apologizes to those customers whose flights were disrupted as a result of yesterday’s weather,” said Delta spokeswoman Lisa Hellerstedt. “The significant amount of ice accumulation drove prolonged de-icing times, prompting some flights to return to the gate which in turn impacted wait times for arriving aircraft as Delta crews worked to clear departing aircraft of ice.”

The removal of ice from the runway is reportedly the responsibility of the airlines, not the airport personnel. However, the workers attempted numerous times to make sure the flight would leave safely, despite not leaving at all.

“The flight crews did their best, all things considered,” said Matt Montgomery, a passenger on the Delta flight. “You don’t mess with Mother Nature.”