So, Here’s Why The NYPD Is Looking For A Photo Of Desiigner’s Penis

Desiigner is a wanted man – well at least part of him is.

NYPD detectives are reportedly on the hunt for a photo of  Desiigner’s penis, according to TMZ. The d**k pic is reportedly wanted as part of an ongoing investigation surrounding a reported indecent exposure case.

Authorities are reportedly planning to a file a subpoena, which will grant access to footage from a privately owned camera that might have been on the block where Desiigner is alleged to have flashed his manly parts in Jan. 2018, TMZ reports. Detectives reportedly want to review footage in order to confirm whether Desiigner exposed himself in public or not.


As previously reported, Desiigner allegedly exposed himself twice in the midst of an argument with an unidentified person. A cop on sight at the time of the alleged incident, reportedly tried to intervene the altercation, but did not witness the alleged flashing.

If police are able to find the footage of Desiigner’s package, he could be facing charges for lewdness and indecent exposure. So, it looks like the moral of the story is: don’t expose yourself to people in the middle of a fight.

Desiigner has not responded to the recent reports at this time.

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