Donald Glover Shares How His “Fingerprints” Marked ‘Black Panther’s Script

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Just when you thought the Black Panther frenzy couldn’t get any better. In an interview with Collider, director Ryan Coogler revealed he commissioned Atlanta creator Donald Glover and his brother Stephen for comedic assistance on the movie’s script.

Coogler, 31, shared that the collaboration heavily focused on the dialogue between STEM wizard Shuri (Letitia Wright) and her brother and protagonist, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman).

“We were looking at ways to add a few more character things with specifically Shuri, where she pokes fun at her brother,” Coogler said. “Donald’s one of the funniest people that I know, so he had some interesting ideas, and Stephen’s crazy talented as well.”

Donald Glover also shared his experience working on the script during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. “[Director] Ryan [Coogler] was gracious enough to be like, ‘Will you take a look at this script?’” he said. “Which was really cool. Marvel locks things down, so we had not as much time as I would’ve wanted. We had a couple of hours to punch up some jokes and stuff like that. It was already there anyway. They had already done a great job, so it was really cool to just get our fingerprints on there a bit.”

In addition to this revelation, Coogler also treated Black Panther fans to an interactive look at how one of its scenes came together.