Trump Calls Democrats ‘Treasonous’ For Not Applauding During His State Of The Union


Remember the expression “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” Well, it’s apparent President Donald Trump never got that memo, as he is now calling Democrats who didn’t clap during his State of the Union address, “treasonous.”

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On Monday (Feb.5), as he spoke to cheering crowd in a Cincinnati factory he begin saying that Democratic lawmakers gave off “bad energy” during his State of the Union speech last Tuesday (Jan 30) and also referred to them as “un-American” according to TIME.

“Somebody said treasonous,” said Trump. “I mean, yeah, I guess, why not. Can we call that treason? Why not?”

Although Trump called for bipartisan unity during the address, many Democrats remained seated and avoided clapping even during points that typically would prompt a response.

By definition, treason involves betraying one’s country. For instance, if Trump is actually proven to have made secret deals with Russia; that’s treason, Democrats not applauding during a State of the Union address, that can be better described as democracy.

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California attributed the lack of applause to the constant rejection of bipartisan plans, as well as the constant hate Trump has spread throughout his time in office.

“You cannot reject bipartisan plans to improve health care and protect Dreamers or sow hate and division — and then turn around the next day and say you want to work together,” said Harris after the speech.

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Watch Trump’s full remarks below.