Drake’s Third Spot On Spending Spree For “God’s Plan” Is A Miami Supermarket

Drake’s been giving like he a has donation quota or some items to kill on a bucket list. On Monday (Feb. 5), he gave Miami Sr. High School $25,000, and later gave Destiny James $50,000. The Toronto native hit his third spot in Miami on Tuesday (Feb. 6) and dropped another $50,000 for groceries. Over the course of just a few days, Drake’s supplied the city with $125,000 total and smiled through every moment of it.

At Sabor Tropical Supermarket in Miami, customers were confused by all the cameras present. Apparently, they had no clue what was to come. Then, Drake came through with a megaphone around 4 p.m. (Feb. 6) and announced that he’d be paying for everyone’s groceries.

A shopper, Guille Deza said, “No one knew he was coming at all, we just came to do groceries. Cameras were being set up so we were all wondering what was to happen.” Deza told E! News that the word around town is that the unexpected act of kindness is in correspondence with the video for “God’s Plan” and it’s not unlikely. $125k in three days? Something’s up. Though it’s appreciated, nonetheless.

Drake smiled for photos and asked shoppers to fill their carts to the brim with everything they want.

Now that it’s known that he’s on a splurging spree in Miami, it might be best for the city’s residents to keep watch and stay out.

Check out the posts of some lucky customers below.

I met drake today at the supermarket , thanks drake for the groceries #drake

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