A Notebook With Handwritten Lyrics From Drake’s ‘Degrassi’ Days Is Selling For Big Bucks

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You can’t say Drake never wrote his own lyrics. In fact, a notebook containing the rapper’s handwritten lyrics from the early stages of his career is proof Drizzy’s pen game was strong. The notebook is reportedly up for sale and it’s apparently worth big bucks.

The notebook reportedly dates back to when Drake was still playing Jimmy on the hit Canadian show, Degrassi around 2002. The notebook was reportedly discovered in the “God’s Plan” artist’s grandpa’s furniture factory in Toronto over a decade ago, according to Gary Zimet, owner of MomentsInTime.com. The notebook was initially thrown out, but someone from the garbage cleanup crew eventually found it and listed it on the vintage selling site, TMZ reports.

The book’s contents reportedly consist of 12 pages of lyrics, including a song that appears to pay homage to Notorious B.I.G.’s single, “Ten Crack Commandments.” Instead, Drake titled his version “10 Mack Commandment.” The book also includes multiple signatures for Drake’s government name, Aubrey Graham, personal notes, and phone numbers and credit card information, although whose information it belongs to is unknown.

So, if you’re interested in holding on an artifact from Drake’s life, the notebook can be yours for the price of $54K.

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