Flatbush Zombies Pay Homage To Classic Hip-Hop Songs In New Video For “Headstone”


Brooklyn trio Flatbush Zombies announced that they’re putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming album, Vaction in Hell. The first single from the BK natives upcoming album is the hard-knocking record dubbed, “Headstsone.”

Directed by Luke Monahan,  Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick Arc Elliott keep it gritty in the black and white video as they ride through Flatbush in a 90-something Volo. While cruising through BK,  the Zombies enthusiastically nod their heads to the beat as they rap their respective verses.

Darko opens the song with a brooding hook.

“Money over bitches on my headstone/Here lies young nigga gettin’ paper/Never take a loss on my headstone/Only take a L when I’m smokin’ it/Zombie gang three times on my headstone/Been thuggin’, from the cradle to the grave/Now your favorite rapper name on a headstone/Too late, he already dead.”

Elliott, who’s responsible for crafting the banging instrumental, pays homage to classic hip-hop songs with his verse.

“Only god can judge me slipping, I’m infinitely big pimpin/ Though the genesis, dead presidents, drop a gem on ‘em,” he raps.

Meechy Darko follows E’s lead by referencing more hip-hop classics.

“Right now I’m on the edge, so don’t push me/Troublesome since ’96, you a shook one/Breath easy on the ledge, I’ma push ya/What’s that? I smell pussy
Let me count my guns, hum/5,4,3,2,1 run/Hi my name is Dirt Cobain/Like a pimp, here I go to the next episode/Ain’t another nigga this explosive, beastcoast shit/BRR-BRR reload it/Fuck them other niggas, ride or die for my niggas/Strictly for my niggas, survival of the fittest,” raps Darko.

Vacation in Hell follows Flatbush Zombie’s 2016 debut album, 3001: A Laced Odyssey.  Also, Elliott recently released an album of instrumentals dubbed, ARCstrumentals 2.

Watch the video above.