Florida Green Lights Bill That Trains Teachers To Have Firearms In School


Fourteen days have passed since 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz opened fire on students and faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School. Seventeen people were killed at the Florida-based school, leading Americans and government officials to tackle the ongoing policy debate of stricter gun laws and possibly banning assault rifles.

Made popular by Donald Trump, he proposed arming teachers with firearms to better protect students in the face of a mass shooting. According to the Huffington Post, he even mentioned a bonus for those willing to join the training sessions on how to safely carry a gun. Now, Florida’s Republican representatives are echoing Trump’s statement with a newly approved bill (Feb. 27), that arms and coaches teachers on how to operate a firearm in case of a crisis.

According to the New York Times, law enforcement officials will spearhead the training through a $67 million voluntary “marshal program.” Gov. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) will have to sign the bill into law, but the news site states he’s yet to voice whether or not he is in favor of the proposal.

Instead of arming teachers with weapons, a few educators expressed their need for actual school supplies like pens and dry-erase erasers.

Standing at 18, Florida will also raise the age to buy a firearm to 21.