G Herbo Remixes “Everything” With Chance The Rapper


G Herbo still has more to say on “Everything.” This week, the Chicago native unveils the song’s official remix featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Chance the Rapper.

“I know girls who do everything/model, DJ, do hair, everything/Babysit, strip, run scripts, everything/Doctor said where it hurt, said,’everything,” raps Chance the Rapper.

“Everything” comes from the deluxe version of Herb’s debut album Humble Beast. The deluxe version comes with nine new tracks (plus the original 15 songs), including this remix of “Everything.”

After releasing a host of projects since stepping in the game back in 2014, the rapper born Herbert Randall Wright has managed to gain a solid core following by continuing to tell important yet harrowing stories that many black youths can relate to. His growth is evident. Despite his removal from his 150 Rock Block (due to his success as a rapper), Herbo is able to rap about street issues without recycling the same tired stories. Not an easy feat.

In September, G Herbo spoke with VIBE about Humble Beast.

“The reason I say it’s my favorite [Welcome to Fazoland] is because it came out so good, and I ain’t even give a f**k about rap when I made that sh*t,” Herbo says. “I ain’t even care. I cared about rap, I wanted to rap, but I was in the streets. I was missing studio sessions, missing everything, high off drink, risking my life every day while I’m recording this sh*t. My homies getting killed, I’m coming to the studio the next day recording songs.”

Watch the video above.